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Monday, December 22, 2008

Resume Builder

The Resume Builder - Build Your Resume! - Create a Resume Now. In as little as 10 minutes you can have a Professional Resume. No software to download. Our Resume Builder is Online and easy to use.

This comes in handy when you are preparing a resume for those writing jobs. It can help you stand out as a freelancer. Worth a look.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Getting Paid to Write

I must admit that the majority of the money I make online comes from my writing. Writing is a great free way to earn money online.

If you are fairly decent at writing and you know how to use a spell checker you can make some extra money at home. There are plenty of websites out there that hire writers to write articles, blog posts, and website content.

You need to know where to look at how to apply. You may also need some pointers on how to write a resume for writers. I have a blog full of this information.

There is even a post for college students so they can earn money on their research papers.

Get Paid to Write

Cleaning up the Blog

Hi everyone. I have decided it was time to go through the blog and clean it. I have deleted websites that have since died down and become un-reliable and I have many new ones to tell you about.

I hope you will return over the next few weeks as I get this blog back to where it should be. I want to continue to provide you with the information you need to earn some money at home.

Best Wishes,

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Insurance 1: Your Place for Car Insurance Quotes

Insurance 1 is a reliable site to use when you need a quote for your auto insurance. With the rising cost of living it is only natural that you would want to investigate ways to decrease your bills. One way to do that is to get quotes from various companies so you can find the one that will save you the most money.

Strangely, car insurance rates are not standard. Each company offers something a little different. I had one company charge me $1,100 for an auto insurance policy. I decided to shop around and get different quotes. I came out with a policy for $598 and had the same amount of coverage as the policy I was paying $1,100 for. So it really pays to take an extra fifteen minutes of your day to save $500 a year. When I got my quotes I had to call each company and that took a lot of time. With Insurance 1 you only have to fill out one form and then get all your quotes. That makes the process much faster and more convenient for you.

Finally, you may also want to get some life insurance quotes. This site can get you those as well as the auto insurance quotes. The quotes come from well known and trusted companies such as MetLife, Nationwide, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Check them out today and see how much money you can save.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Create Hub Pages and Earn 3 Ways

I recently joined a free site called I think it is quite addictive to work there and so much fun. You can create a hub page on any topic you want and then add 3 things that will generate you income:

1. Your Google Adsense ID: Hubpages takes a cut, but you get most of it.

2. Your Amazon Reseller ID: Display relevant Amazon products and earn on all the
purchases. For instance I created a Hub on David Archuleta from American Idol. I was able to add American Idol CD's for sale from Amazon.

3. Your eBay Reseller ID: This works exactly the same way as Amazon. You type in
keywords that relate to your hub page and you will get some items you can list
for sale.

The more Hub pages you create the more money you can make. I met one person on Hub pages who is earning over $600 per month just in Google Ad clicks!

I recommend you take a look at a few popular hubs to see how they are set up and then give your first hub a try. You can sign up through my hub above.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How would you like free leads?


Aren't we are always looking for a way to get leads to promote our online businesses? Well I have found the best way.

How about FREE LEADS!

Check out this really cool website that just launched.

Please visit the following link:

Free Leads!

See you soon!

Alicia Bodine

PayPerPost: An Awesome Opportunity

I recently had a chance to join a great company called PayPerPost. This company pays bloggers to write up reviews on products, other websites, and various services. What I like about that idea is that it is something I would be doing anyway. I mean don't you want to keep your readers informed? There is no better way they writing up a review.

I first heard about PayPerPost from one of my WAHM friends. She said she was using the company to make some extra money to pay off her credit cards. I thought that was a great idea, but forgot all about it. Then a few days ago I stumbled upon another post on my favorite work at home mom forum. My fellow WAHM said she made $395 last month with payperpost. That really got my attention. I figured you could probably make an extra $50, but not $395. I signed up immediately.

Today I got accepted and immediately got to work. I am very excited to be part of this company and I plan on using my money to pay for my daughter's home schooling books and recreational activities. With gas prices going the way they are today I don't have much extra money for my kids. As a single mom I still want my kids the have what they need. PayPerPost will help me give them that.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Free Website for Your Blog

Gotta love free.

This site offers a lot of services 100% Free. I will list them below:

1. Become proud owner of your website instead of using or

2. Convert your own blog ( to complete site

3. Create blog service provider like and provide thousands of blogs to the users.

4. Get multiple services like Blog, Forum, CMS and more.

5. Start your own forum at and create best forum.

6. Start your or social networking site for your college or university like

7. Unleash power of website by using CMS scripts like Drupal or Joomala and start full-fledged content site.

8. Interested to start image galleries based site like or

9. Interested in news start your own social bookmarking site like

10. Start your own free wiki site like with us.

11. Want to start your own classified site like
Still using the free blog services
Convert your blog( to complete website( for free.

Visit this site.

Great potential with this site to earn money as well. First, use it for yourself, and then Second, tell all your friends about it and get paid! Earn $1.00 for each referral you give. Payouts are at $50.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Adsense-Is It Really Worth It?

I found a free ebook for all of you entitled Adsense-Is It Really Worth It?

It's a pretty short ebook so you can read it all in one sitting and it has some good points.

If you are interested in making some extra money with Adsense than this ebook is worth your time. If you are focused on other things than I would suggest you skip it.

Get the ebook here:
Adsense-Is It Really Worth It

Of course if you own a money making blog or website this would be something fun you can offer your readers. It is free afterall.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Free Money-No Catches

This is totally true! This post will only be here for a short time. There is a new company that is something just like Paypal. They are offering a free $25 to anyone who signs up and sign-up is free! There are no catches, you do not have to do anything further to get the $25.

Just sign up free, click accept next to the $25 in your account. Then you can click withdrawal up at the top. You have 2 options. You can transfer the money to your bank account (you will need to verify your bank account first). I chose this option. The second option is to request they send you a check. The only downside is they take $2.50 for a processing fee. If you are uncomfortable giving out your bank account info you will still be walking away with a free $22.50.

This company is FDIC insured and is totally legit. I have received $300 already via my bank account since I made this post. I also know many other WAHM's that have requested payment by check and have received it.

There is a bonus as well. If you tell your family, friends, or even strangers out in cyberspace and they sign up you will get an extra $10 per person. You can do this up until you reach $500 which is only 50 people. That is my current goal.

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

This truly is an opportunity to get free money. I go with my saying, "If it's free, it's for me!"

PS. This is only open currently to US residents.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pay Per Play: Easier to Earn with than Google Adsense

Almost everyone knows exactly what Google Adsense is. Website and blog owners make an extra income placing relevant ads on their site. Each time someone clicks on an ad the owner earns a few cents. The problem with Adsense is most people know about it, and therefore won’t click on the ads you have. Well, now there is a new type of ad in town that will give Google Adsense a run for their money and here is why:

Pay Per Play is a video ad service. That means website and blog owners will insert a code on to their site that will display a video ad each time someone visit’s the site. What makes Pay Per Play better than Google Adsense is that you get paid for each visitor that remains on your site for at least 5 seconds. The visitor doesn’t have to click on the ad or even have audio for their own computer. You will get paid for each visitor who stays on your site for at least 5 seconds.

It was mentioned in the Wall Street Journal today. You can read the article here: New Services Help Bloggers Bring in Ad Revenue by Kelly K. Spors

Pay Per Play is being launched in February 2008. If you get in now and start referring others to this site (which is totally free to use by the way) than you will have the opportunity to earn on all the ads displayed on your referral’s site. Say your referral gets 100 visitors per day and at the least you earn $.01 for each visitor. Than you would earn $365 for the whole year from that one referral. Now imagine you had 10 referrals. That comes to $3,650 for the year and you basically did nothing after you referred them. That also doesn’t count the income you would be making from your own site which would be significantly higher. You earn 25% of the ad revenue for the ads you show, and 5% for your referrals ads, and 5% for your referrals, referrals ads. Google Adsense doesn’t offer you that kind of payment plan.

Payout info: Pay Per Play pays you every week (Google once per month). All you have to do is reach their low $25 payout (Google is 4x that amount). You can choose to be paid, by check, Paypal, or direct deposit.

I also believe that having video’s on your site will attract visitors and make them stay on your site longer. It makes your site interesting so they will want to stick around and see what else you have to offer. If you don’t think this is true remember Speaking Avatars? They definitely got me staying on sites longer.

For more info visit Pay Per Play

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Wish and Vote

Happy 2008!

Just wanted to tell you all about a really cool site! It is called Wish and Vote. It's fun and has a totally free wish option which means I can tell you about it here on my 100% Free to Work from Home site.

1. You can sign up here free!
2. You make a wish that is less than 150 characters. Make it unique so you will win.
3. You vote from a group of wishes on which one you think is best. Then your wish gets added.
4. The person with the most votes wins. The free option wins you $5. You can win more if you are willing to pay an entry fee.
5. Make money free using this site by simply telling others about it. You can earn 25% of any paying wishes your referral makes for up to 1 year. That can really add up.

So whether you want to earn an extra income, or just try your luck at getting your wish, sign up with Wish and Vote.