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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Consider Starting Your Own Website

If you don't have a website, then now is the time to get one. Even if you don't need traffic from Google, you want potential customers to be able to look you up. For example, if I need the services of a landscaper then I am going to Google landscapers in my area. You better believe that I am more apt to call one that has his or her own website than one that doesn't. Yes, I can go pick up the Yellow Pages and do a search, but I'm too lazy. I imagine many others are also turning to the Internet instead of the Yellow Pages.

My very good friend Doug Griffin just created a website for his upholstery business. He sells slipcovers, totes, draperies, and much much more. You can check out his website here: H. Douglas Griffin Now that he has a website, I predict it won't be long before he has more orders than he can handle.

Maybe you are like my Aunt Dawn and you just need a way to collect orders. The website then works to handle the orders and create an easy paper trail so that you can easily organize information come tax time. My aunt makes her own products using 100% cotton. You can read more about that here: Love Cotton by Dawn

Now I come to my father. My dad owns his own newspaper. He has a website so that customers can download a virtual copy of his newspaper at any time. There is also a "contact us" button in case any potential advertisers have any questions they'd like to ask. Here is his website: The Bright Side Newspaper

So, in conclusion, you may not think you need a website in order to run your business, but it is a low cost (and sometimes free) resource that certainly won't hurt your business in any way. I highly recommend putting one together!