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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Wish and Vote

Happy 2008!

Just wanted to tell you all about a really cool site! It is called Wish and Vote. It's fun and has a totally free wish option which means I can tell you about it here on my 100% Free to Work from Home site.

1. You can sign up here free!
2. You make a wish that is less than 150 characters. Make it unique so you will win.
3. You vote from a group of wishes on which one you think is best. Then your wish gets added.
4. The person with the most votes wins. The free option wins you $5. You can win more if you are willing to pay an entry fee.
5. Make money free using this site by simply telling others about it. You can earn 25% of any paying wishes your referral makes for up to 1 year. That can really add up.

So whether you want to earn an extra income, or just try your luck at getting your wish, sign up with Wish and Vote.


Anonymous said...

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A.Bodine said...


The site you mentioned costs money to join. No typing job should ever cost money to join.


jenzrulz said...

I just joined when I was on flight back to Chicago. Will check details once I am in the office. Seems to be a great site :)

Blogger said...

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