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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

ILetYou: Get Your Own Movie Store Free

You Guys are going to love this!

ILetYou is a new site that lets you get your own movie or game store absolutely free.

There are 2 things you can do:
1. Rent the DVD's and Games you want by mail instantly. Just...
two Choose movies and games
three Rent for as little as $2
four Check your mailbox


2. Start Your Rental Store in minutes & start earning money. Just...
two Name your store
three Choose titles and pricing
four Your rental store is UP!

So how much money can you expect to make?
10% of all sales and rentals
$15 for each store owner you refer

Added bonus
You get to keep your rentals for up to 90 days

Check it below:

Zlio: Now You Can Get Your Very Own Shop Free

Hello Everyone,

I was looking forward to telling you about a new site called Zlio. What I love about this site is of course it is 100% Free.

All you have to do is sign up free and then the fun begins.

1. Pick out the name you want your store to be called. Make sure you know what products you want to put in the store as that should help you pick out a name. For instance I wanted my store to be full of toys so I named it

2. Add the products you want. This can be time consuming, but remember you only have to do it once. You may want to give yourself a day just to add products. The more the better. Just stay on target with your theme. Selling diapers on the same site as men's tools is a turn off to customers!

3. Start advertising your link and earn a percentage of all of your sales. Of course you would earn more if you created your own store and your own website, etc. but you are getting all the work done for you absolutely free and you have no worries about shipping, customer service, etc. That is all handled for you. I definitely recommend this site for all beginners.

Zlio also offers a referral program. With this program you can earn on all of the purchases that are made on the sites of your friends that you have referred to Zlio. Not a bad deal.

So if you are interested in getting your very own online store I suggest you use Zlio.

If you want to create yourself a Zlio like this, in just five minutes, do not hesitate and click here:

Have Fun!