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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Create Hub Pages and Earn 3 Ways

I recently joined a free site called I think it is quite addictive to work there and so much fun. You can create a hub page on any topic you want and then add 3 things that will generate you income:

1. Your Google Adsense ID: Hubpages takes a cut, but you get most of it.

2. Your Amazon Reseller ID: Display relevant Amazon products and earn on all the
purchases. For instance I created a Hub on David Archuleta from American Idol. I was able to add American Idol CD's for sale from Amazon.

3. Your eBay Reseller ID: This works exactly the same way as Amazon. You type in
keywords that relate to your hub page and you will get some items you can list
for sale.

The more Hub pages you create the more money you can make. I met one person on Hub pages who is earning over $600 per month just in Google Ad clicks!

I recommend you take a look at a few popular hubs to see how they are set up and then give your first hub a try. You can sign up through my hub above.


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